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Shaykh ʿUbayd Al-Jābirī: The Scholar Who Praises the People of Innovation

Posted by Admin on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 and filed under Methodology

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Shaykh ʿUbayd Al-Jābirī was asked:

Some of the scholars of the Sunnah praise some of the people of innovation, is the scholar (who does this) to be boycotted?

He answered:

Firstly, I do not know at all of any scholar of the Sunnah, in the past or recently, who praises the people of innovation with an absolute [unrestricted] praise. This is not from the way of the Salaf. And if it was established that a scholar who has status and daʿwah praised some of them with an unrestricted praise, we say that this is an error and we do not accept it from him. However, we do not declare him an innovator so long as he is steadfast upon the foundations of the blessed Salafī daʿwah, upon the blessed Salafī methodology. We do not declare him an innovator so long as he does not defend this action, show stubbornness and believe in it as a methodology. [If he did], such a one would exit from the Sunnah due to having fallen into innovation. Secondly, sometimes there may be praise for an innovator from a Sunni which is restricted. For example, an Ashʿarī might have refuted a Rāfiḍī and made clear some of the disgraces of the Rāfiḍah, so we say, ‘So and so was correct, may Allāh accept it and reward it, he has done well in this.’ [This is] a restricted praise, not an absolute praise.

Source: Miraath.Net
Translated by Abū ʿIyāḍ Amjad Rafiq @abuiyaadsp

السؤال : أحسن الله إليكم هذا سائل يقول: بعض علماء السنة يمدح بعض أهل البدع فهل يهجر هذا العالم ؟ الجواب : أولًا: لا أعلم عالم سنة قديمًا أوحديثًا يثني على أهل البدع ثناءً مطلقًا أبدًا، هذا ليس من مسلك السلف وإن صح أن عالمًا له مقامه وله دعوته أثنى على هؤلاء ثناء مطلقًا فنقول هذا خطأ و لا نقبله منه، لكن لا نبدعه ما دام أنه مستقيم على أصول الدعوة السلفية المباركة على المنهج السلفي المبارك لا نبدعه ما لم ينافح عن هذا ويعاند ويعتقده منهجًا فهذا خرج من السنة بركوبه بدعة. ثانيًا: يكون أحيانًا ثناء من سني على مبتدع ثناء مقيدًا كأن يرد مثلًا أشعري على رافضي ويبين مخازي الرافضة فنحن نقول أصاب فلان، شكر الله له أحسن في هذا ثناء مقيد لا ثناء مطلق ،نعم.

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